The Cheapest and Simplest Driving Test Cancellation Date Finder
(and the service is great too).

Finding a driving test cancellation is a pain. Logging in to DVSA day and night hoping to find that elusive early test cancellation. We take all that pain away for the price of a fancy coffee.

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Cancellations. Let Us Find You One

We use a fully automated service to search for cancellation day and night, seven days a week.

Cost Effective.

We don’t pay instructors for introductions. Other services pay instructors a referral commission of between £4 and £6 (those codes that you are asked to enter). We think that money should stay in your pocket. Same service. Lower price. What’s not to love.

No App.

Why? Because its expensive, time consuming and….. totally unnecessary. We send you a text. You reply. Job done. The money we save goes back to you in lower prices.


Every service that offers to search (including ours) does exactly the same thing. Uses computers to log in for you hundreds of times a day. Why pay £18 when you can get if for a fiver? No, we couldn’t think of a good reason either.

How The Service Works?

Sign Up

Enter your details on the sign-up page and you are away.

We Find

We find a cancellation for you and send you a text message with the date and time.

You Book

Simply reply to the text with BOOK and we’ll book the cancellation for you. No, good? Just ignore the message and we’ll carry on looking for you.


You book your new test and DVSA send you a confirmation email.

One Low Price.

Did we mention that we’re the cheapest in the UK? You also get multiple test centres, and if you book a test we will continue to look for an earlier date. Automatically. No need to ask. Full service. Low price.

Early Tests Service


  • Multiple Test Centres
  • Automatic Restart
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If we don’t find you a cancellation you get your money back. No hassle, no fuss. You get it back.